Question of Timing

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide effective and affordable tools to protect and harmonise our homes and bioenergetic fields for a smooth path through 2021 and beyond.

Products that WORK

Unlike many other products making bold claims, our solutions actually work. Read the comments from our customers below to see for yourself.

At an affordable price

We use a wide range of rare and precious ingredients from all over the world. Every item is made using premium non-toxic epoxy resin. Despite high costs, we always keep prices as low as possible so our tools can be accessible for all.

Why we’re different

Our Astro-Orgonite Crystal Resonators are so powerful and effective because we combine deep knowledge of several esoteric fields in their design.

More than just Orgonite

While many of our products utilise the developments of Dr Reich, Karl Welz and the Crofts, we have also integrated several further aspects. Based on many years of research into the properties of subtle waves, we employ the power of shapes, sound, number vibrations, magic squares and precisely selected and amplified mixes of semi-precious stones, with the end result being unlike anything else on the market.

It’s a Question of Timing

The time at which something is made determines its very nature. We use precise astrological elections, which go far beyond traditional techniques, to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness.