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Our Astro-Orgonite Plants Range:

  • Improves the growth and vitality of all types of plants;
  • Improves crop yields;
  • Reduces pests and diseases;
  • Protects against environmental EMFs.

Like all the Astro-Orgonite products, our Plant Resonators and Earth Pipes function rather like a crystalline versions of the Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator, but without the need for electricity. In other words, they produce a wide spectrum of beneficial crystal frequencies with which the physical and subtle energetic anatomy can resonate, thereby minimising or avoiding detrimental resonance with noxious energies such as EMFs.

The Plant Resonators and Earth Pipes both contain a proprietary blend of 16 cleared and programmed crystals selected to improve the vitality and growth of herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, and crops of all types. They are designed to improve crop yields and minimise pests (which, by sympathetic resonance, tend to feed upon organisms with deficient nutritional status and life force).

The Plant Resonators are produced in a design similar to our Tower Busters and are placed on the surface of the soil. Their frequencies radiate upwards and outwards in order to support  growth and life force above the soil, whilst protecting against the onslaught of environmental EMFs. The Earth Pipes are hammered into the ground, driving the beneficial crystal frequencies downwards in order to support the vitality and microbial balance of the soil, the root structures of plants or crops and the uptake of nutrients, whilst protecting against subterranean sources of geopathic stress. For optimal results, Earth Pipes and Plant Resonators may be used together.