Orgonite Coaster (Drink Resonators)


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Why use our orgonite coaster?

Many of our customers have been using Health and Radiance Resonators to charge bottles and jugs of water or other liquids with healing frequencies. In response to their requests for a larger, flatter resonator design for this purpose, we have produced the Drink Resonator (orgonite coaster) using the Health and Radiance crystal blends. Simply place your bottles, jugs, mugs, or glasses on these orgonite coasters to infuse the contents with a broad spectrum of therapeutic waves. Regular consumption will enhance and accelerate the effects of the standard Resonators placed in the home or used to charge bath water.

With the orgonite coaster we offer the choice of four crystal blends…

What’s the difference between the Radiance and Health blends?

There is an overlap between the Health (green) and Radiance (yellow) blends. They are both working on key internal organs and bloodstream. Drinking water charged by the orgonite coaster with the Health blend is better to overcome infection or debility, Radiance to maximise the state of physical or mental wellbeing.

The Radiance mix contains 24 crystals. These Resonators act powerfully on the heart, circulatory system, bloodstream, pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen, lymphatic fluids, and, as a consequence, also benefit the skin and hair  – which depend on the blood circulation and organs of elimination. The effect is both cleansing and healing. We have even received reports that bathing with the Resonator reduces cellulite. Additionally, it may be noted that, in accordance with Taoist medical science,  the crystallised energy patterns of certain negative emotions such as fear, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. are stored within the organs which this product harmonises. By doing so, it is able to release distorted emotional imprints and thereby restore a sense of mental balance and wellbeing.

The Heath mix acts simultaneously upon the interdependent physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of the multidimensional human anatomy. They incorporate 15 different programmed crystals which radiate a spectrum of beneficial subtle vibrations and corrective information waves with which cells, organs, tissues, and body fluids can entrain in order to restore normal organic function. At the same time, they work to release the emotional and energetic blockages or distortions which often underpin the physical manifestations of debility and ill-health.

The Cosmic Water Chargers used with our water charging and structuring kit have a different crystal blend than is used in our regular coasters, plus additional magic squares. These produce high frequency wave patterns best suited to energising and structuring the water. Some may find these beneficial as a stand-alone product in order to produce water most suited to spiritual development, prayer, mediation, and manifestation. The two coaster options supplied with the water charging kit are broadly similar in effect. Coaster A has an overall higher frequency; coaster B may, depending on your current level of DNA activation, deliver more tangible psychic effects.

The Tranquillity mix contains a mix of 15 crystals chosen to promote the feeling of peace, harmony and tranquility. It can be used as a coaster but is recommended for use with a Himalayan Salt candle holder. You can purchase them as a package HERE. Our unique Himalayan Salt Lamp Tea Light Holders are supplied with a 15 crystal Tranquillity Blend base unit, which not only radiates the soothing frequencies of the Tranquillity Resonator and Tranquillity version of the Atlantis Harmoniser, but also causes the Himalayan salt crystal itself to radiate the subtle wave patterns of the trace minerals and rare earth elements within its lattice structure. These subtle “mineral vibrations” interact with the energetic (and even physical) anatomy by a form of information transfer, producing a further sensation of organic harmony and balance. In our current world, where we are exposed to a constant bombardment of unnatural  and disruptive EMF transmissions, the Salt Lamp Tea Light Holders (as with our other Resonator products) provide an harmonious source of frequencies to support a healthy cellular, energetic and emotional coherence.

As users of salt lamps will already know, the soft orange-yellow light spectrum emitted by these lights (particularly when illuminated by a natural flame) further promotes a sense of peace and relaxation which is often prevented by the harsh LED lighting and blue screen gadgets in the modern home.

Size: 10cm diameter approx.

Disclaimer: Please note that this product is not designed to treat or cure any diseases. You should consult a qualified health care practitioner for all medical advice. The information contained herein is for research purposes only and should not be construed as medical recommendations for any disease or symptom. It is not intended to provide medical advice.

This item was designed in collaboration with metaphysics and esoteric science author, Marius D’Alexandre, who wished to provide an affordable means of protection to those who are concerned about the proliferation of microwave and millimetre wave (and mind control) technologies which are damaging human populations and those who wish to bring harmony to their homes in these difficult times. 

What is Orgonite? How can it be used and how does it work? Click here to find out more.

Astro-Orgonite Crystal Resonators – far more powerful than regular orgonite.

Astrologically timed and infused with melodic sound, our powerful and unique orgonite products use special proprietary mixes of crystals and metals to harmonise your environment in these difficult times.

They are unique because:

  1. We use precisely timed astrological elections and sound wave infusions when the resin matrix is created;
  2. We use different proprietary mixes of crystals (all cleared and programmed) to suit the purpose of each product;
  3. The crystal matrix is activated and amplified in a special manner in accordance with certain principles of subtle energy vibration and propagation;
  4. We don’t use cheap and bio-toxic aluminium metal (which suppresses the auric field).

Read more about our philosophy and why our products are different to those available elsewhere.

Please note:

  • You will receive one item per order unless a package is explicitly described – the images are for illustration only.
  • Each item will be unique and slightly different.
  • Each piece is hand-made with great care, but due to the nature of the materials used, small imperfections are possible, including but not limited to holes, bubbles, scratches and/or rough patches. These will not affect the energy and power of the item.
  • None of our products are intended to treat or cure any diseases. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional for medical advice.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful orgonite coaster!

These orgonite coasters are look beautiful, have wonderful energy and I love the resonance of my water that has been charged on it.

Garry Whitehead
Ideal for my water jug

Good delivery info, quick turn around, permanent kitchen item now☺

Vlatka Marijic
Great drink resonatot coaster

The coaster looks beautiful and most importantly the water has a different taste, much better then the one you drink directly from the water pipe!

shot of energy after every sip

I now drink water that has been charged only on the drink resonator. It is very smooth and soft tasting. There is sense of energy after every sip.
I also like to put vegetables on it before making salad, the taste is most certainly different.
I don't know if this is possible, but I thought I looked quite radiant when I looked in the mirror the other day. Or maybe I just felt healthy.

Zoe Hotson

The coaster is not only beautiful to look at but I’ve noticed a certain lift in my energy when I drink from the charged water, I’m doing a few different things atm to recover my health but this coaster definitely has the right vibrations ❤️