Crystal Resonator Chakra Pendant


Select between our original version and the new upgraded “cosmic” chakra pendant – with magic squares for higher frequency and more powerful output.

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What makes our pendants different?


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The Crystal Resonator Chakra Pendant offers the same protection functions as the Protection Pendant (described below), but also contains additional crystals designed to clear and harmonise the chakra and meridian systems (particularly those which operate in the lower dimensional frequency bands). It may therefore support healing, vitality and emotional balance where these functions have become compromised through subtle energetic blockage or interference.

The Crystal Resonator Protection Pendant contains a precise amplified matrix of 12 crystals. It generates a defensive cocoon of high frequency beneficial waves around the physical and subtle energetic anatomy, together with a stable grounding flow through the foot chakras into the Earth. It is designed to protect against the deleterious effects of: various EMF and scalar mind control transmissions, negative spiritual entities, and even aggressive, low consciousness humans who are liable to create increasing levels of stress and interference for those who are “awake” during these chaotic times. The pendant supports the integrity and harmony of mind, body and spirit and, by doing so, assists to align the personal probability vector with the path of ascension.

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All pendants come supplied with a free black velvet pouch and black string. Other string colours are available on request. The Cosmic upgrade consists of several magic squares applied to the front, back and sides of the device and results in a big increase in power and a much higher frequency output. Please note that the squares are not yet displayed in the pictures.

What makes our pendants different?

Size: 4.5cm base diameter approx.

Part of the new Cosmic range…

As the “awake” global populations face ever greater challenges intended to suppress their health, consciousness and freedom, we have been working diligently to provide subtle energy solutions which offer high levels of protection for body, mind and spirit. In this context, we are now releasing a line of new products and upgrades to some existing ones, which make use of the esoteric power of number vibrations and magic squares. These work in conjunction with our proprietary crystal resonator designs in order to generate very high frequency wave fields for the purposes of spiritual defence, bodily healing and the elevation of consciousness (the key determinant which separates one from the paths of sickness, degeneration and state oppression).

Whilst many of the magic squares we employ use the standard arabic numerals, for some we use the secret properties of ancient alphabet letter forms. Although their origins are now long-forgotten, certain ancient alphabets – particularly, sanskrit, hebrew and chinese – were derived from the vibrational correspondences between sound, light, vibration, and number. For this reason these letter forms, if understood from a metaphysical perspective, can be used to produce vibrational patterns similar to those emitted by regular magic squares but with the advantage that they operate in a “shifted transmission plane”. In simpler terms, this means that the desired number vibrations can be radiated across a wider vibrational and directional spectrum and therefore can be harnessed to generate a more comprehensive field of protection or healing. For our current purposes, the ancient hebrew letter forms are most efficient when used in certain number grids, but subsequent products may employ sanksrit or chinese forms where these offer vibrational advantages.

This item was designed in collaboration with metaphysics and esoteric science author, Marius D’Alexandre, who wished to provide an affordable means of protection to those who are concerned about the proliferation of microwave and millimetre wave (and mind control) technologies which are damaging human populations and those who wish to bring harmony to their homes in these difficult times. 

What is Orgonite? How can it be used and how does it work? Click here to find out more.

Astro-Orgonite Crystal Resonators – far more powerful than regular orgonite.

Astrologically timed and infused with melodic sound, our powerful and unique orgonite products use special proprietary mixes of crystals and metals to harmonise your environment in these difficult times.

They are unique because:

  1. We use precisely timed astrological elections and sound wave infusions when the resin matrix is created;
  2. We use different proprietary mixes of crystals (all cleared and programmed) to suit the purpose of each product;
  3. The crystal matrix is activated and amplified in a special manner in accordance with certain principles of subtle energy vibration and propagation;
  4. We don’t use cheap and bio-toxic aluminium metal (which suppresses the auric field).

Read more about our philosophy and why our products are different to those available elsewhere.

Please note:

  • You will receive one item per order unless a package is explicitly described – the images are for illustration only.
  • Each item will be unique and slightly different.
  • Each piece is hand-made with great care, but due to the nature of the materials used, small imperfections are possible, including but not limited to holes, bubbles, scratches and/or rough patches. These will not affect the energy and power of the item.
  • None of our products are intended to treat or cure any diseases. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional for medical advice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Zoe Hotson
Cosmic version

From the moment I put this on I felt amplified with vibrations and power.
After one day of wearing it I had an emotional / spiritual breakthrough around something that Ive been working hard on but was still plaguing me. Incredible product :)

Vlatka Marijic
Beautiful pendant

This pendant not only looks beautiful, but I feel protected and sleep better when wearing it! It has beautiful energy that brings calmness and protection!

I will never forget this experience!!! *Cosmic version*

What an experience! When I first put the stickers on my Chakra pendant within few minutes the energy seem to have become centralised, meaning I could see a linear funnel with my 3rd eye coming from my heart or pendant I should say. Few minutes later this funnel seemed to have repositioned itself from head to feet within body. Not long after this I became aware I was seeing things around me through my eyes, but perceiving them right above me. My higher self. This was truly unique experience, one I will always treasure. I actually took my glasses off as I felt I didn't need them. Surreal.
Since then, I seem to be having overview on things, and don’t feel so condensed in my body. This is fascinating, no mediation is necessary, it’s just there.
Hm, I’m always on about what I’m going to do. My boyfriend said to me: ‘You seem to be so chilled today.’(I did not give him the usual 20 min monologue, he must've seen something was different.) He is right! I think it made me more in touch with my higher self. See for yourself.

Zoe Hotson

This pendant is completely mind blowing! As always with these products, I feel the energy from them immediately but this has some very noticeable immediate effects also. Firstly, I feel more grounded and aligned when wearing it and visualisation / meditation flows easier. But something very powerful happened, whenever I’ve worn it out I noticed that no one would look at me or even in my direction ( the opposite has always happened where I believe I may have given off a ‘too open’ vibe before ).
When I emailed Michael and mentioned this, I described it as having an invisible cloak around me and he said that exactly what it’s meant to do! I feel so lucky to to know about this website and products 🙏🏻

Hilary Spiteri
Will you accept the challenge?

My story with this pendant started with a sort of struggle.
The length at which the pendant rested on my body with the original chord, did not feel quite right. So, I tried other metal necklaces at various lengths. The pendant absolutely did not want a metal necklace, or any other thing attached to my neck (had to take off a dear talisman of mine). I left like nervous electricity running around my neck making me feel jittery. Went back to the chord the pendant originally arrived with and learnt to do a double sliding knot (which is already a feat in itself). Now the pendant was happier. Then what I did was moving it up and down until I felt the position was just right for me. And this is not permanent. I change it according to how I feel.
What I noticed is that this pendant has an extraordinarily strong energy of its own. You do not mould around it, it slowly moulds you by making you feel uneasy when things aren’t right. My intuition sort of got lit up. Or me having more faith in my intuition.
Another thing I noticed is that my life suddenly accelerated. Time feels different. A series of events started happening that completely changed the trajectory of my life. I literally feel I have stepped in a different dimension. Now do not get me wrong, life is still cow’s manure just now, but I have faced very stressful situations with newfound courage. I have met people; been in risky circumstances, I have never dreamt I would meet or be in only a few weeks ago. The feeling is of stepping in another timeline. The story of which I will only know, perhaps later on in my life.
Highly recommend, on condition you accept the challenge the pendant poses you. 😊


I wear it all the time and often feel like dancing or just relaxed, in a happy state of mind when simple things make me smile- the pendant keeps my vibration high. I also noticed that I am satisfied with less amount of food than usual and do not feel drained at the end of each day like I used to be.

When I was spending many hours at my computer with a Wi-Fi router in close proximity, I used to have a common symptom of electromagnetic hypersensitivity – skin burning sensation and its irritation however, since I wear the pendant I noticed that these unpleasant feelings are gone.

I know that my health, clarity of mind, thoughts, and inner balance depend a lot on the frequencies surrounding me. I believe that wearing this pendant is one of the ways for me to manifest a better reality, as a balanced mind attracts positive events and people just like a magnet, and at the same time, it repels negative entities or situations. Thank you for this amazing pendant!


There is more than one aspect to this pendant.

WOW! When I first put it on I felt extreme happiness within an hour. I just wanted to smile the whole time. I was carefree. And still am. I do not feel affected by other people's situations anymore. This is great for me, because I am a very sensitive person, so it is very nice not to take on someone else's worries. If someone happens to be a little mean, I just brush it off. I truly feel free.

My cat is a different cat now. I adopted him 8 years ago. He is lovely, but always kept certain part to himself. He is so affectionate now, comes and sits on my lap, purring. He also now sleeps with me on my arm. I am so enjoying this time with him! I think he likes the energy. He is a new cat. If I didn't know, I swear I would think someone swapped him.

I love this pendant so much that I wear it all the time. After few days I noticed I can see purple colour when falling asleep. Then there is morning and I am fully energized.
This is interesting, and I shall explore it.

I did try other pendant, Harmonic Protector, before but it just wasn't for me, because I felt a bit closed. I feel completely the opposite with this Crystal Resonator no.2 Sometimes I sense something like a funnel going upwards. The best way to describe it I think is, I no longer radiate outwards. I now radiate upwards.

There is just so much to this pendant! It truly has to be worn so one can experience its power.