Water Charging & Structuring

Unique products for charging and structuring water for drinking and bathing.

The key to navigating smoothly around, halting (or even escaping) global fascism is the elevation of personal consciousness and the maintenance of internal energetic harmony. Our outer reality is an expression of our inner vibration. Therefore, every measure we take to improve our bioenergetic coherence (or the harmony of mind, body and spirit) will shift the holographic life experiences we encounter. Accordingly, when we protect our environment from EMFs, detoxify the body, eat a clean, organic, unprocessed diet, meditate, conduct our lives on the basis of truth and integrity, and assist others, we will find a corresponding increase in the opportunities to preserve good health, avoid the diseases that may affect others, find correct and useful information, secure an income, etc.

In a recent article, Marius D’Alexandre wrote: “Japanese researcher, Masuro Emoto, demonstrated that prayers, blessings, expressions of love, and the music of the classical masters would cause water samples, when rapidly frozen, to form harmonious crystalline structures. By contrast, curses, negative emotions and heavy metal music would produce distorted, chaotic formations which lacked any geometric regularity. In a similar manner, information which is truthful and correct possesses an harmonious structure at the level of its constituent scalar wave flash line sequences. Information which is false does not. Information which is deliberately false (in other words, a lie) has a scalar wave substrate of yet greater distortion.” This process also applies in reverse. In other words, if we consume vibrationally harmonised, structured water then we naturally achieve greater resonance with truth, health, freedom, and spirituality.
Our water charging kit is designed to produce water for just this purpose. We also offer products for charging the water in your bath or shower.

Charging & Structuring Kit

Truly Exceptional Water

Water Charging & Structuring Kit



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Filtered Sea Water

Quinton’s Hypertonic



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High Frequency Water

Cosmic Water Charger



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Charge and structure your drinking water to support optimal health, spiritual growth and promote resonance with truth and freedom. Contains three components which work synergetically to produce truly exceptional water.

Filtered ocean water harvested from the plankton bloom vortices found at depth in certain locations. This water contains almost the entire periodic table of elements, in the perfect ratios to sustain organic cellular function. Recommended for use with our water charging and structuring kit.

The Cosmic Water Chargers used with our water charging and structuring kit have a different crystal blend than is used in our regular coasters, plus additional magic squares. These produce high frequency wave patterns best suited to energising and structuring the water. Some may find these beneficial as a stand-alone product in order to produce water most suited to spiritual development, prayer, mediation, and manifestation.

Bathing Water

Bliss, Compassion & Harmony

Bliss Bath Resonator



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High Frequency

Cosmic Bath Resonator



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Radiance Bath Resonator



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For the shower

Water Harmoniser



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The Bliss Bath Resonator (the Cosmic upgrade of the Radiance Bath Resonator) employs specific magic square vibrations to amplify feelings of bliss, compassion and harmony which can be difficult to connect with in our present stressful times. It therefore offers an uplifting meditative experience whilst enjoying the therapeutic benefits of our standard Radiance product.

The Cosmic Resonator has a dual purpose. It may be used as an amplified form of tower buster for a more potent clearing of living spaces and in order to repel various forms of EMF, astral or negative entity intrusion. It may also be used as a bath resonator in order to charge the water with high frequency waves conducive to peace, healing and the expansion of consciousness.

Charge your bath water with beneficial frequencies that act on the heart, circulatory system, bloodstream, pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen and lymphatic fluids and, as a consequence, also benefit the skin and hair.

Charge your entire water supply with beneficial frequencies that act on the heart, circulatory system, bloodstream, pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen and lymphatic fluids and, as a consequence, also benefit the skin and hair.


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