Shungite Spheres (various sizes)


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A shungite sphere is a simple and effective means of protection against harmful EMFs and other similar technologies.

Shungite is a crystal which has been widely researched and employed as a means to mitigate the harmful biological effects of EMFs. It has an ability to transmute certain wave qualities of detrimental man-made transmissions, whilst providing a stabilising effect on the body’s subtle energy systems and a more efficient grounding circuit through the foot chakras. Although less well understood by many proponents, it also blocks one of the carrier waves by which modern technology is often used to convey negative programming into the mind, emotions and cellular structures.

The 60mm shungite sphere creates a protective zone of approximately 5 feet (1.5 m) in all directions.

70mm – 2m in all directions.

100mm – 6m in all directions.

However, the range, power and effects of a shungite sphere can be enhanced by placing it on a Crystal Resonator Protection Field Amplifier base. We offer a large discount for the purchase of a shungite sphere at the same time as a Protection Field  Amplifier base and highly recommend this for the maximum effects.


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Customer Reviews

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Amazing portable protection

I carry this product with me at all times whenever possible, given the power and range of protection it delivers. It's addictive enough to make you want to hold and make use of it as a stress ball too.

Hilary Spiteri
A centre of gravity.

When I unwrapped the Shungite sphere I was overcome with its gentle but decisive grounding energy as well as its beauty that is reminiscent of something coming from outer space. As I closed my eyes, I felt being transported in the middle of the trunk of a huge, majestic tree with myriads of roots reaching to infinite below mirrored by myriads of branches reaching to the infinite above.

Shungite Sphere

Now I have my shungite sphere I don't think I will stop touching it, beautiful and tactile and full of wonderful positive energies <3


I have done some research on Shungite, tested its effects on myself, and consider it to be one of the most mysterious stones of the 21 century due to the stone’s unique fullerene composition, its protective and healing properties.
I tried to meditate with the shungite sphere in my hand and noticed that it helps me to ground, slows down my brain activity, and calms my mind. When I practice Reiki for self-healing, holding the sphere before the session helps to clear my aura and align chakras which allows energy to flow through my body with ease.
If I get a moment of anxiety or feel stressed, touching the sphere for a few minutes resets my mind and positive thoughts are coming back to me, it adjusts my vibration and shifts my energy into a harmonious flow. When I use my computer, I place the sphere on a Protection Field Amplifier base on my desk to reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation. I love this unique sphere and highly recommend it!