Protection Resonator (Tower Buster)


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Our unique and powerful Tower Busters are designed to:

  • Transmute EMFs from phone towers, 5G antennas, smart meters and LED street lights;
  • Block the mind control technology being used on the masses;
  • Repel psychic attacks and negative entities;
  • Promote emotional harmony.

Range: Tests indicate that our Resonators have a range of at least 30ft, while they were judged by a world-class clairvoyant to have a range of around 50-70ft.

Placement: The Protection Resonator should be placed around local sources of harmful radiation such as smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, computing equipment etc. You can also grid your home by placing one in each corner of the home or a room.

Size: 6cm base diameter approx.

Disclaimer: Please note that this product is not designed to treat or cure any diseases. You should consult a qualified health care practitioner for all medical advice. This listing is for one resonator – the image is for illustration only.

This item was designed in collaboration with metaphysics and esoteric science author, Marius D’Alexandre, who wished to provide an affordable means of protection to those who are concerned about the proliferation of microwave and millimetre wave (and mind control) technologies which are damaging human populations and those who wish to bring harmony to their homes in these difficult times. 

What is Orgonite? How can it be used and how does it work? Click here to find out more.

Astro-Orgonite Crystal Resonators – far more powerful than regular orgonite.

Astrologically timed and infused with melodic sound, our powerful and unique orgonite products use special proprietary mixes of crystals and metals to harmonise your environment in these difficult times.

They are unique because:

  1. We use precisely timed astrological elections and sound wave infusions when the resin matrix is created;
  2. We use different proprietary mixes of crystals (all cleared and programmed) to suit the purpose of each product;
  3. The crystal matrix is activated and amplified in a special manner in accordance with certain principles of subtle energy vibration and propagation;
  4. We don’t use cheap and bio-toxic aluminium metal (which suppresses the auric field).

Read more about our philosophy and why our products are different to those available elsewhere.

Please note:

  • You will receive one item per order unless a package is explicitly described – the images are for illustration only.
  • Each item will be unique and slightly different.
  • Each piece is hand-made with great care, but due to the nature of the materials used, small imperfections are possible, including but not limited to holes, bubbles, scratches and/or rough patches. These will not affect the energy and power of the item.
  • None of our products are intended to treat or cure any diseases. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional for medical advice.

Customer Reviews

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Superb Value Orgonite!

These resonators provide powerful protection at an affordable price. Each time I have added a Question of Timing resonator to my collection I have noticed an increased vividness in my dreams. (One should not necessarily expect to consciously feel a difference - you can be confident organite will have a positive effect.)

Maria Castro
Doesn’t seem to do anything

Tried it in different rooms, including to sleep, and I don’t feel any difference. Would have liked to say different but…

Hi Maria, sorry to hear that you haven't noticed any effects. Most people are not immediately sensitive to the subtle energies that these devices work with but will notice the change in their life over time. This item is best placed close to emitters of EMF such as smart meters, wi-fi routers and electrical equipment but it is designed to be used in a grid for its full potential, with four of them around the area concerned for best effects.

Vlatka Marijic
Protection resonator

It is beautiful in color and simple but powerful! I can feel the change of energy around me and makes me feel safe and protected! Love it!

Protection Resonator

L'article correspond bien au modèle.Service après-vente exceptionnel. Merci

Hilary Spiteri

I ordered quite a lot of these to place in my highly EMF contaminated flat. When the parcel arrived and held it in hand a huge headache started that lasted for 48 hours and then vanished leaving a sense of peace. As I placed the protection resonators on my smart meters, near wi-fi router and all around the house I felt as if a sense of oppression has been lifted from my head and shoulders. I carry one when I go outside (together with the Moon talisman if I am moving outside my strict neighbourhood) and I have noticed that I feel less threatened by what is happening in this crazy super controlled world. After a month that they have been installed in my house these protection resonators have created a place where I feel I have again control of my own mind without outside interference (and mind you I have no television, watch alternative news and I am well aware of what is happening just now). In spite of what is happening in the world and here in Italy it is getting worse and worse, I feel I am more in balance. Of course one has to work on oneself too. Protection Resonators are not magic bullets. But they sure are shields that create a space so that the individual can get back his/her sovereign mind.
Highly recommend.


Received it today and felt very strong energy as soon as taken out of the box. It works wonders on my laptop's wifi. I mean, it slows it completely down and to the point that I got so frustrated and called my broadband supplier complaining about bad reception to only realise later that the protection resonator was siting right next to my laptop and as soon as Ive taken it away all the web pages that were hovering start downloading in second on the screen.
I definitely going to keep this little one in the bedroom and not next to my laptop. Really strong product. Thank you

Richard B

After putting four TBs in my bedroom, my dream recall has improved and my sleep is far more restful.