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Astro-Orgonite Health Resonators:

  • Support restoration and maintenance of your health;
  • Counteract pathogenic and energetic causes of disease;
  • Release emotional and energetic blockages or distortions within the interdependent physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of the multidimensional human anatomy;
  • Support harmonious organic cellular function.

The Astro-Orgonite Heath Resonators act simultaneously upon the interdependent physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of the multidimensional human anatomy. They incorporate 15 different programmed crystals which radiate a spectrum of beneficial subtle vibrations and corrective information waves with which cells, organs, tissues, and body fluids can entrain in order to restore normal organic function. At the same time, they work to release the emotional and energetic blockages or distortions which often underpin the physical manifestations of debility and ill-health.

The effects can be further potentised by using the Crystal Resonator Frequency Zapper. Atlantis Crystal Harmoniser – Health and or bathing in waters charged by the Astro-Orgonite Radiance Bath Resonator.

Range: Tests indicate that our Resonators have a range of at least 30ft, while they were judged by a world-class clairvoyant to have a range of around 50-70ft.

Placement: The Health Resonator should be placed in one’s bedroom or close to where you spend a lot of time. The bedroom is the priority as that is where the body heals. If you do not already have our protection products on local sources of harmful radiation such as smart meters and Wi-Fi routers, these are the priority, but the protection range will be more effective on these sources.

Size: 6cm base diameter approx.

Disclaimer: Please note that this product is not designed to treat or cure any diseases. You should consult a qualified health care practitioner for all medical advice. This listing is for one resonator – the image is for illustration only.

What’s the difference between Radiance and Health Resonators?

There is an overlap between the Health and Radiance blends. They are both working on key internal organs and bloodstream. Health has a bit more emphasis on immune system and supplies more energy to a weakened organism under illness/stress.  Health is better to overcome infection or debility, Radiance to maximise the state of physical or mental wellbeing.

This item was designed in collaboration with metaphysics and esoteric science author, Marius D’Alexandre, who wished to provide an affordable means of protection to those who are concerned about the proliferation of microwave and millimetre wave (and mind control) technologies which are damaging human populations and those who wish to bring harmony to their homes in these difficult times. 

What is Orgonite? How can it be used and how does it work? Click here to find out more.

Astro-Orgonite Crystal Resonators – far more powerful than regular orgonite.

Astrologically timed and infused with melodic sound, our powerful and unique orgonite products use special proprietary mixes of crystals and metals to harmonise your environment in these difficult times.

They are unique because:

  1. We use precisely timed astrological elections and sound wave infusions when the resin matrix is created;
  2. We use different proprietary mixes of crystals (all cleared and programmed) to suit the purpose of each product;
  3. The crystal matrix is activated and amplified in a special manner in accordance with certain principles of subtle energy vibration and propagation;
  4. We don’t use cheap and bio-toxic aluminium metal (which suppresses the auric field).

Read more about our philosophy and why our products are different to those available elsewhere.

Please note:

  • You will receive one item per order unless a package is explicitly described – the images are for illustration only.
  • Each item will be unique and slightly different.
  • Each piece is hand-made with great care, but due to the nature of the materials used, small imperfections are possible, including but not limited to holes, bubbles, scratches and/or rough patches. These will not affect the energy and power of the item.
  • None of our products are intended to treat or cure any diseases. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional for medical advice.

Customer Reviews

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Very powerful!

These Resonators are very powerful. This was my third, after a Protection and a Tranquility Resonator. I have noticed a dramatic increase in the vividness of my dreams - I feel as though subconscious emotional and energetic blockages are being released.

Health Resonator

I am in love with the beautiful clean energy this resonator gives off, after the initial overdose from all my goodies I am at last really enjoying the benefits, today for the first time in nearly 4 years I feel like my old self, am passing one onto a friend tomorrow :) Thank you!

Next to my bed all the time!

I love it, I really felt a difference and it has been gradual over weeks.
I had once a stomach pain and put it on my belly and the pain went away. It really feels great to have it close by and really recommend anyone to have one. Since all my friends got many of those and are really happy with it too.
Thank you !

Hilary Spiteri

Back in March 2020 whilst we were under a strict lockdown I went out for a walk on the seaside. There was no one around. I got brutally stopped by military police. When I went back home I started suffering from a debilitating back pain. This health resonator is helping me deal with this still present back pain in a conscious manner. The pain has diminished a lot that now I can walk and sleep with no pain. Obviously it wasn't the only remedy that I used but I feel the Health Resonator has created the space for conscious healing to take place. When I have pain, be it back pain, tooth pain or feeling out of sorts, I place it on the part of the body where the pain is or carry it around with me. The pain usually diminishes or I receive messages of which remedies I can use to heal myself.
A true healing ally.