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Very beneficial

I have the atlantis protection harmoniser just above my bed and have been able to get to sleep faster at night and it seems I'm able to switch off and relax better too. I enjoy knowing I'm being protected as I sleep from frequency assault and everything negative that is transpiring in the world.

Abundance Cube
Amanda Davies

This abundance cube is just wonderful, the energy has been amazing since I first received it with such a positive open heart energy, very light and uplifting and it works- I'm a trader and my profits have rocketed since the cube arrived.

Wonderfully powerful - worth every penny!

I am really glad I bought this! I already have some other Question of Timing orgonite products yet I very quickly noticed an additional discernible impact of this Cosmic Grenade on my home and immediate surroundings. I could feel an impact on myself immediately on unboxing it - a subtle but powerful energetic and emotional clearing effect.

Power, beautiful perfect for what I needed them for

I am really happy with this purchase, these are so powerful but yet so beautiful, I feel a calm and peaceful vibration at home, super fast delivery

Sun Resonator
Etsy Customer

Oh wow, this is simply beautiful, its perfect, its feels great, and the energy is amazing, I could sit all day holding my Talisman and I just love looking at it. Delivery was super fast and packed well thank you for a pleasant transaction and thank you for you help and advice

Another great item from this lovely shop, this is amazing and I look forward to the benefits

Oh wow I was blown away with this beautiful well crafted item, it is perfect, and delivered very promptly thank you again for another smooth transaction

What a wonderful item, makes the place so peaceful and calm simply amazing.

It's got a nice energy, I placed it on my work desk. So far so good, everything's smooth

Tranquillity Resonator
Amanda Davies
Great energy

There is a very peaceful and calming energy to this and I'm enjoying having it next to me on my bedside table.

This is hands down the best orgonite I have ever purchased!!

Superb Value Orgonite!

These resonators provide powerful protection at an affordable price. Each time I have added a Question of Timing resonator to my collection I have noticed an increased vividness in my dreams. (One should not necessarily expect to consciously feel a difference - you can be confident organite will have a positive effect.)

Protection Pendant
Etsy Customer

This pendant is brilliant, it absolutely does what is says and protects my energy. Highly recommend this item and seller.

Wonderful orgonite coaster!

These orgonite coasters are look beautiful, have wonderful energy and I love the resonance of my water that has been charged on it.

Complete solution

I’m sold on the benefits of all of the orgonite products here but must say, this is the solution if you feel the need to create a defensive cocoon / solitude in your living space. It was only after experiencing the smaller resonators I decided the cost would be outweighed the fact I will benefit for the rest of my life. I feel the need to say they are doing gods work here and anyone with an irritability or a sense you can’t quite relax .. destress .. could do a lot worse than trying any of these products, the ones that call out to you the most are probably best for you.

Doesn’t seem to do anything

Tried it in different rooms, including to sleep, and I don’t feel any difference. Would have liked to say different but…

Hi Maria, sorry to hear that you haven't noticed any effects. Most people are not immediately sensitive to the subtle energies that these devices work with but will notice the change in their life over time. This item is best placed close to emitters of EMF such as smart meters, wi-fi routers and electrical equipment but it is designed to be used in a grid for its full potential, with four of them around the area concerned for best effects.

Life changing

I’ve had this beautifully crafted harmonizer for about a month now, and I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to be without it! I have it aligned North under the bed, and every single morning without fail I have woken up instantly and easily as soon as I open my eyes! It’s made a huge difference to my life, before I struggled to wake up and now I feel well rested. I also bought two resonators with the harmonizer, so I believe the effects are due to having all three. Truly amazing products!


Taken my time to gauge what my pendant does for me but deep down I’ve known from the start. Some days I leave under my pillow and although not always immediate it’s never more than an hour or two and I feel it missing.

Like a crystal you may almost build a relationship with, it becomes part of you, with this it’s more a blanket … allowing you to pause and navigate energies possibly rather than being a sponge.. giving the you the power to react as yourself and not as a reaction to others.

Helpful to anyone who feels energies and possibly confused or struggles with that. I freely admit using my mobile phone when i am not wearing my pendant does feel almost wrong these days. It has made me aware of this fact usually in the form of a headache, can’t help think.. oh it’s because I’m not wearing it …

Immense ..

Calm and gentle

I find this resonator to be the most protective in a sense, maybe the copper, maybe the crystal blend. Essentially it feels calming and reassuring in times of need, allowing you to be yourself in your most basic loving form. Brings a warm calming energy when called upon and a gentle sense of humility.

My favourite pendant (so far!)

There is something extra special about this pendant. I am in love with it, its my favourite of all the pendants that I own and also the most affordable!!! I feel better when I wear it, uplifted (something which I only recently noticed). Things seem to be clearer and the outlook more positive. I also feel more confident when I wear this pendant. The wood has a nice fragrance too. You can't really go wrong for £19 so just buy one and see how you feel!

Two powerful symbols - one amazing pendant

When I first saw the symbol comprising single and broken lines (on the front of the pendant) I felt something very powerful indeed. I already was convinced of the power of the cross of Saint Benedict (on the reverse side of the pendant), so buying this was one of the fastest decisions I have ever made. It feels so right to have this during the current times we live in and I am grateful to have this protection pendant. Thank you!

Lovely energy

Thank you for such quick delivery. My experience with it so far is that I felt much lighter as soon as I put it on. My body felt less cumbersome and more agile than usual which is very lovely! I'm not overweight at all, but the lightness I felt was quite noticeable when wearing the pendant. Very interesting and uplifting for sure! Very easy to wear and beautiful also, really happy with my purchase!

Both beautiful and powerful

First impressions as I'm still awaiting some of the copper tubing in the post....
It's beautiful! Really, really beautiful. A work of art. I love the natural swirls that shimmer on the side. The top has equally beautiful vein-like patterns, as if looking down upon a river delta or the fine capillaries of the body.
It also gives off a strong energy which I didn't notice immediately, being busy when it first arrived. It most closely feels like an rising vortex at a happy sacred site, where I experience a strong tingling in the palms of my hands. My palms also become very speckled - like a lot of mini chakras might look... Anyway, I'm having the same experience around the CB base from a significant distance away.
And I don't even have the pipes yet.

Beautiful abundance energy!

Since having this cube, I have noticed my understanding of what abundance means broadening (my perception of this was a bit narrowly focused before), and my experiences have broadened too. It has amazing energy!


The reason I absolutely knew I needed the CB is because we had one here in our development. After it was gone, things deteriorated quickly. Suddenly, there were thefts locally and stabbing at nearby school. It’s been 4 weeks since I got it and I haven’t heard of any incidents so far.
But, CB is so much more than that!
The base is so beautiful. Captivating. The energy oozes out of it and is easily felt. My cat loves spending time next to it. It is affecting neighbours too. They were telling me about the good changes they started to make the other day. Sylphs are being seen clearing chemtrails.
The effect it has on my personal wellbeing is astonishing! Interact with it, and it will interact back. For example, if I ask a question, the next day I will get an answer in either a feeling, thought, or I open the internet and come across just what I need. My timing is better, it’s like being in the know. The huge grounding effect of CB makes me spend more time in my body, being present. I got intuition to remove flowers saying my cat is allergic. I followed it. She doesn’t sneeze a lot anymore, and runny nose has cleared. THIS IS SUPER COOL. It absolutely clears energy as I notice I do things differently these days.
In the spiritual world, I have found myself to be travelling in the universe upon waking. It was very beautiful and peaceful. Like being in a planetarium. The experiences are there if you take time to notice them.
I think every household should have one. It changed my life. I celebrate feeling cool.