Cosmic Range

The new range of our most powerful and highest frequency items.

As the “awake” global populations face ever greater challenges intended to suppress their health, consciousness and freedom, we have been working diligently to provide subtle energy solutions which offer high levels of protection for body, mind and spirit. In this context, we are now releasing a line of new products and upgrades to some existing ones, which make use of the esoteric power of number vibrations and magic squares. These work in conjunction with our proprietary crystal resonator designs in order to generate very high frequency wave fields for the purposes of spiritual defence, bodily healing and the elevation of consciousness (the key determinant which separates one from the paths of sickness, degeneration and state oppression).

Whilst many of the magic squares we employ use the standard arabic numerals, for some we use the secret properties of ancient alphabet letter forms. Although their origins are now long-forgotten, certain ancient alphabets – particularly, sanskrit, hebrew and chinese – were derived from the vibrational correspondences between sound, light, vibration, and number. For this reason these letter forms, if understood from a metaphysical perspective, can be used to produce vibrational patterns similar to those emitted by regular magic squares but with the advantage that they operate in a “shifted transmission plane”. In simpler terms, this means that the desired number vibrations can be radiated across a wider vibrational and directional spectrum and therefore can be harnessed to generate a more comprehensive field of protection or healing. For our current purposes, the ancient hebrew letter forms are most efficient when used in certain number grids, but subsequent products may employ sanksrit or chinese forms where these offer vibrational advantages.

New Products

Abundance, Prosperity & Freedom

Abundance Cube



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Powerful Space Clearing

Cosmic Grenade



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High Frequency Protection

Cosmic Resonator



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Abundance cubes are limited edition items within our Cosmic line of products. They combine the harmonious vibrational fields of our proprietary crystal resonator matrix, together with magic squares and the vortex emissions of programmed terminated crystals. They require complex astrological elections for maximum power and therefore can only be produced during a few time windows each month. These cubes are designed not only to clear away energy blockages which may restrict personal abundance, but also to attract greater flows of prosperity and freedom into the life hologram.

Radiating very high frequency waves in all directions, the Cosmic Grenade employs a crystal resonator matrix, larger terminated crystals which create energetic vortices out the sides and top of the cone, together with the wave emissions of certain magic squares.  It is designed to create a protection field of maximum force in order to repel all forms of negative consciousness and/or simply render the protected environment impervious to their attentions.

The Cosmic Resonator has a dual purpose. It may be used as an amplified form of tower buster for a more potent clearing of living spaces and in order to repel various forms of EMF, astral or negative entity intrusion. It may also be used as a bath resonator in order to charge the water with high frequency waves conducive to peace, healing and the expansion of consciousness.

Truly Exceptional Water

Water Charging & Structuring Kit



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High Frequency Water

Cosmic Coasters



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Bliss, Compassion & Harmony

Bliss Bath Resonator



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Charge and structure your drinking water to support optimal health, spiritual growth and promote resonance with truth and freedom. Contains three components which work synergetically to produce truly exceptional water.

The Cosmic Water Chargers used with our water charging and structuring kit have a different crystal blend than is used in our regular coasters, plus additional magic squares. These produce high frequency wave patterns best suited to energising and structuring the water. Some may find these beneficial as a stand-alone product in order to produce water most suited to spiritual development, prayer, mediation, and manifestation. The two coaster options supplied with the water charging kit are broadly similar in effect. Coaster A has an overall higher frequency; coaster B may, depending on your current level of DNA activation, deliver more tangible psychic effects.

The Bliss Bath Resonator (the Cosmic upgrade of the Radiance Bath Resonator) employs specific magic square vibrations to amplify feelings of bliss, compassion and harmony which can be difficult to connect with in our present stressful times. It therefore offers an uplifting meditative experience whilst enjoying the therapeutic benefits of our standard Radiance product.


Protection + Harmonisation

Cosmic Chakra Pendant



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Activate Higher Chakras

Cosmic Shaman Special Pendant



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Protective Bubble

Cosmic Protection Pendant



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