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The Bliss Bath Resonator (Cosmic upgrade of the Radiance Bath Resonator) employs specific magic square vibrations to amplify feelings of bliss, compassion and harmony which can be difficult to connect with in our present stressful times. It therefore offers an uplifting meditative experience whilst enjoying the therapeutic benefits of our standard Radiance product. Scroll down on this page for further information on the original Radiance Bath Resonator, whose properties are also included within this product.

Size: 6cm diameter base approx.

Placement: Designed to be used in the bath. Place the Resonator in your bath while the water is running for maximum effects. For those without baths, it can also be used to charge water for foot baths or even for drinking, although our range of coasters are better designed for this purpose. The effects can also be enjoyed simply by holding the item or having it close to you.

  • Charge your bath water with beneficial frequencies that act on the heart, circulatory system, bloodstream, pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen and lymphatic fluids and, as a consequence, also benefit the skin and hair;
  • Enjoy the pleasant sensations in your bath that are both cleansing and healing;
  • Made from the highest quality non-toxic resin (vigorously tested by a third party for leaching and migration across worldwide standards and passed every test), so you can be confident that it will be safe to use in your bath.

The Radiance Bath Crystal Resonator is designed to charge your bath water with beneficial frequencies which can then be absorbed over the entire surface area of the skin. It contains 23 crystals for the male formula and 24 crystals for the female version, the latter containing specific crystals to assist hormonal and menstrual functions.

Within a few minutes of placing the Radiance Bath Crystal Resonator in the bath, those with a moderate degree of sensitivity will be able to feel a definite action upon the subtle energy circuits of the body, in particular the lower chakras (including the foot and palm chakras) which are submerged beneath the water. These Resonators act powerfully on the heart, circulatory system, bloodstream, pancreas, liver, kidneys, spleen, lymphatic fluids, and, as a consequence, also benefit the skin and hair  – which depend on the blood circulation and organs of elimination. The effect is both cleansing and healing. We have even received reports that bathing with the Resonator reduces cellulite.

Additionally, it may be noted that, in accordance with Taoist medical science,  the crystallised energy patterns of certain negative emotions such as fear, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. are stored within the organs which this product harmonises. By doing so, it is able to release distorted emotional imprints and thereby restore a sense of mental balance and wellbeing.

What’s the difference between Radiance and Health Resonators?

There is an overlap between the Health and Radiance blends. They are both working on key internal organs and bloodstream. Health has a bit more emphasis on the immune system and supplies more energy to a weakened organism under illness/stress. You can notice this because if you have a bath with a Health Resonator and are already very healthy, it feels very energising and you wouldn’t want to sleep at night. In contrast, the Radiance Resonator could be used at night. You feel calm and cleansed afterwards but can still sleep. So Health is better to overcome infection or debility, Radiance to maximise the state of physical or mental wellbeing.

Part of the new Cosmic range…

As the “awake” global populations face ever greater challenges intended to suppress their health, consciousness and freedom, we have been working diligently to provide subtle energy solutions which offer high levels of protection for body, mind and spirit. In this context, we are now releasing a line of new products and upgrades to some existing ones, which make use of the esoteric power of number vibrations and magic squares. These work in conjunction with our proprietary crystal resonator designs in order to generate very high frequency wave fields for the purposes of spiritual defence, bodily healing and the elevation of consciousness (the key determinant which separates one from the paths of sickness, degeneration and state oppression).

Whilst many of the magic squares we employ use the standard arabic numerals, for some we use the secret properties of ancient alphabet letter forms. Although their origins are now long-forgotten, certain ancient alphabets – particularly, sanskrit, hebrew and chinese – were derived from the vibrational correspondences between sound, light, vibration, and number. For this reason these letter forms, if understood from a metaphysical perspective, can be used to produce vibrational patterns similar to those emitted by regular magic squares but with the advantage that they operate in a “shifted transmission plane”. In simpler terms, this means that the desired number vibrations can be radiated across a wider vibrational and directional spectrum and therefore can be harnessed to generate a more comprehensive field of protection or healing. For our current purposes, the ancient hebrew letter forms are most efficient when used in certain number grids, but subsequent products may employ sanksrit or chinese forms where these offer vibrational advantages.

This item was designed in collaboration with metaphysics and esoteric science author, Marius D’Alexandre, who wished to provide an affordable means of protection to those who are concerned about the proliferation of microwave and millimetre wave (and mind control) technologies which are damaging human populations and those who wish to bring harmony to their homes in these difficult times. 

What is Orgonite? How can it be used and how does it work? Click here to find out more.

Astro-Orgonite Crystal Resonators – far more powerful than regular orgonite.

Astrologically timed and infused with melodic sound, our powerful and unique orgonite products use special proprietary mixes of crystals and metals to harmonise your environment in these difficult times.

They are unique because:

  1. We use precisely timed astrological elections and sound wave infusions when the resin matrix is created;
  2. We use different proprietary mixes of crystals (all cleared and programmed) to suit the purpose of each product;
  3. The crystal matrix is activated and amplified in a special manner in accordance with certain principles of subtle energy vibration and propagation;
  4. We don’t use cheap and bio-toxic aluminium metal (which suppresses the auric field).

Read more about our philosophy and why our products are different to those available elsewhere.

Please note:

  • You will receive one item per order unless a package is explicitly described – the images are for illustration only.
  • Each item will be unique and slightly different.
  • Each piece is hand-made with great care, but due to the nature of the materials used, small imperfections are possible, including but not limited to holes, bubbles, scratches and/or rough patches. These will not affect the energy and power of the item.
  • None of our products are intended to treat or cure any diseases. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional for medical advice.

Customer Reviews

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Zoe Hotson

I felt a blissful joy in my heart and a lightness all over. This led to me communicating with my family in a loving way that solved an ongoing problem that we were having.
I’m a big fan of the bath resonator and now the cosmic one has taken it a step up! My whole lymphatic system was vibrating with frequency, my skin glowed more than before and an added addition- my hair came out really shiny. I’ve also found that I feel more supercharged energetically which is a difference from the original resonator.