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In our recent giveaway, we invited applications from anyone who felt in need of our products, especially those suffering from electro-sensitivity or electrostress and who might have difficulties purchasing themselves for any reason.

One of our lucky winners was Elena from London. She was suffering quite badly from electrostress due to the environment of her home and surroundings. In this article, we’ll be sharing her experience with our products.

Describe your situation before receiving the Astro-Orgonite Crystal Resonator products?

A Wi-Fi router, gas, and electricity smart meters were installed right next to my room, and these are among the biggest sources of EMF in my house. I often had insomnia, headaches, skin burning sensation, anxiety, and lack of motivation. I exercise regularly and have a healthy diet but started to have food allergies since I moved into the house. Overall, I was sensing like a net of invisible harmful frequencies was constantly affecting my health and mood.

We sent her the following products:

  1. Crystal Resonator Chakra Pendant;
  2. Protection Field Amplifier Base and Shungite sphere;
  3. Gold Atlantis Crystal Resonator;
  4. Crystal Resonator Electricity Harmoniser
  5. Harmonisation Sticker Pack.

Why did we choose these items?

These items were chosen to protect her from the various major sources of harmful frequencies in her close environment causing her symptoms of electrostress.

The Electricity Harmoniser surrounds the entire home with healing and protective frequencies by carrying a precisely selected set of frequencies on the current throughout the wiring of the building. It also smooths out any dirty electricity or other harmful frequencies being carried on the current and effectively surrounds the property with a subtle energy Faraday Cage of protective frequencies, helping to block the ingress of harmful radiation from outside sources.

The Harmonisation Sticker Pack then helps to take care of the sources of harmful frequencies from inside the home, such as the smart meters, Wi-Fi router, TV and mobile phones.

The Crystal Resonator Chakra Pendant provides protection from harmful frequencies and also harmonises the body’s chakra and meridian system, supporting healing and vibrant health. This item will also protect Elena when she is out of the house.

The Protection Field Amplifier Base and Shungite sphere work in conjunction with everything else by adding an intense and powerful protective bubble, designed to be placed by the bed at night or close to the user during the day. This bubble is highly grounding, and allows much of any remaining bioenergetic stress from EMFs to be released out the body through the foot chakras.

Finally, the Gold Atlantis Crystal Harmoniser has a couple of roles. Firstly, like all of our Atlantis Crystal Harmonisers, it neutralises geopathic stress from underground water veins, rock fissures, Currie, Hartmann, Benker grids etc. – all of which cause ill-health (particularly cancer), and weaken or damage the bioenergetic system. Secondly, the specific crystal mix used in the Gold version supports the user to break through any blocks they are currently experiencing in their life and helps one to move forward. We thought this appropriate in this case to assist with career challenges.

What changes have you noticed? Are you still suffering from any electrostress?

The same day I received the harmonising gifts, I placed the Protection Field Amplifier with a Shungite Sphere and Gold Atlantis Crystal Harmoniser on my desk, Harmonisation Stickers on the Wi-Fi router and smart meters, and put the Crystal Resonator Chakra pendant on. Within just a couple of hours, I got clarity on how to do an assessment task for a job I applied to, and I was struggling with it for the entire previous day. Since then I wear the pendant all the time and noticed that the burning skin sensation is gone. I often have a desire to touch the Atlantis Crystal Harmoniser and the Protection Amplifier, or to hold them, it feels like they charge my energy batteries, protect me and make my mind calm and peaceful.

After just a few days with the items in my room I sleep better, have more motivation, and I noticed that when I put the Atlantis Crystal Harmoniser under my pillow I have more vivid dreams which I clearly remember in the morning.

I feel like dancing or just in a happy state of mind, and simple things make me smile. I also noticed that I feel satisfied with less amount of food than usual and do not feel so drained at the end of each day. We are vibrational beings and invisible energy waves can either kill or heal us!  I feel blessed to have these strong energy protection sources in the house!

Further feedback on individual items

Chakra Pendant
Crystal Resonator Chakra Pendant

I wear it all the time and often feel like dancing or just relaxed, in a happy state of mind when simple things make me smile- the pendant keeps my vibration high. I also noticed that I am satisfied with less amount of food than usual and do not feel drained at the end of each day like I used to be.

When I was spending many hours at my computer with a Wi-Fi router in close proximity, I used to have a common symptom of electromagnetic hypersensitivity – skin burning sensation and its irritation however, since I wear the pendant I noticed that these unpleasant feelings are gone.

I know that my health, clarity of mind, thoughts, and inner balance depend a lot on the frequencies surrounding me. I believe that wearing this pendant is one of the ways for me to manifest a better reality, as a balanced mind attracts positive events and people just like a magnet, and at the same time, it repels negative entities or situations. Thank you for this amazing pendant!

Electricity Harmoniser
Electricity Harmoniser

When I started to use the electricity harmoniser I got nearly the same feeling I have when I ground myself by walking barefoot on grass or beach sand – it brings a sensation of energy recharging, tranquility, and balance in my mind, body, and soul.
After a week of using it, I felt like a burden fell from my shoulders which I believe was a subconscious mix of worries and doubts. Out of a sudden, I started to ‘download’ positive thoughts, ideas, and good expectations about my future, following a strong desire to do things that bring me joy and make me happy, as if my energy changed its vibration and started resonating at a higher frequency.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised how a small electricity harmoniser can make such a difference. Thank you very much for this wonderful product!

shungite amplifier
Protection Field Amplifier

I have harmful EMF sources such as a Wi-Fi router and smart meters next to my room in the house I moved in, and have had clear symptoms of electrosensitivity since then: lack of concentration, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and sleep disorders, etc. It has been only a week since I got the amplifier, and I already can feel the difference. I place it on my desk during the day and next to my bed at night. I sleep much better and don’t feel so drained of energy if I spend hours at my computer. My mind is clear, haven’t had a headache so far, I am more relaxed and focused while doing my daily tasks. I often feel a desire to hold or touch the amplifier, it grounds me, charges my energy batteries, and brings me a sense of strength and balance. I feel so blessed to have such a powerful energy protection field in the house!

Golden Atlantis
Atlantis Crystal Harmoniser – Gold

When I put the Gold Atlantis Harmoniser on my desk for the first time, within just a couple of hours I got clarity on how to do an assessment task for a job I applied to, and I was struggling with it for the entire previous day.

After just a few days with the item in my room I started to sleep better, have more focus and motivation, even noticed that when I put it under my pillow, I have more vivid dreams which I clearly remember in the morning.

Throughout the day I have often a feeling that my mind goes in a state of flow, similar to what sportsmen have just before they win a medal in a competition. I could describe these sensations in 3 words – “calm, focused, and confident”. I love this harmonising product!

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