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When investigating any technique or claim it is imperative that real testing is carried out. The problem with testing things like astrology and other similar techniques is that the events of someone’s life are often open to interpretation.


Events in people’s lives are subjective.

This is especially the case if that person is aware of the expected result from a prediction or of the cycles being investigated. This bias is going to impact significantly upon that person’s perspective of the events that manifest in their life.

The problem of testing is one of the main reasons that skeptics claim these techniques cannot be proven and are just figments of the imagination or superstition.


But what if there were a way to carry out objective analysis in order to prove or disprove certain techniques?

I was fortunate to enter this world via the financial markets. In fact, it was probably the only way possible for me. I always had a curiousity about these topics, but the ways I saw astrology being applied didn’t appear very convincing. You can read more about the differences between the astrology we are typically exposed to and the real thing in this article (hint: they’re completely different!).

I entered the financial markets as an engineer and scientist. One of the main reasons was my drive to understand how and more importantly why things work the way they do. I was never particularly driven by the money. The markets were just my next challenge. I wanted to understand why they moved in the way they did.

What were the real fundamental causes?

As I dug deeper, I came across ideas that at first sounded unbelievable. But the gift of approaching this field from the markets is the ability to test.

While the events of a person’s life are very subjective…

…a financial market can only do one of three things: go up in price, down or sideways.

This is the key.

Not only that, but as an active trader, the impact of cycles on your own life can be measured by a statistical analysis of how your trading results vary over time. Again, you can only make or lose money. Two options really, or three if you count breaking even.

So now, if you isolate different techniques and compare how markets or your own results perform during those times, you can objectively investigate if there really is any truth behind certain techniques and ideas.

This is exactly what I did and that is why I am sitting here today, presenting a website offering services which are heavily based around astrological techniques.

In my research, I found that even my most profitable trading strategies would end up losing money across the trades I initiated on days that were negative for me. So no matter how profitable and successful my techniques were on average, there were periods and moments where I would end up losing money no matter what.

Conversely, when the current cycles were running strongly positive for me, all I could do was make money! I would be on a hot winning streak if the cycle lasted for a while, or if it were only on individual days, those days would yield far better results than the average.

Not only that, but looking at individual markets, I found that it was in fact possible to predict price movements in advance. This example is far more complicated than the two above and requires a high level of refined technique and knowledge (some of which is not available in the public domain), but I saw again and again that it was in fact possible.


The results astonished me and opened up a whole new world of deep knowledge and ancient wisdom.

This is a world that has in fact been inhabited by some of the brightest minds in our history. It is important to note that most of the astrology you see today in the mainstream does not fall into this category. Sadly, today there is a lot of misunderstanding and even in some cases deception, but the root and the tradition lying behind this is full of wisdom and incredibly powerful knowledge.

I am so grateful that this life changing information crossed my path, especially to my teacher without which this would not have been possible. I am even more grateful to now have the opportunity to share the gifts of this knowledge with you and to use it to serve others.

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