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Free Giveaway

A very generous person has offered to fund a free giveaway of our products for people in need.

The idea is to provide some of our products for protection free of charge to people who need them but for various reasons might find it difficult to purchase them at this time. The last couple of years have been difficult for many of us and while the need for the items we offer has increased, many of us have been hit with income challenges.

What might you receive? We wrote a post here sharing the results of a previous giveaway, where we sent over £1,000 worth of products to people across three countries.


How To Apply

All you have to do is contact me directly at by Sunday 20th February, and answer the following:

  1. What is your name and country of residence? This is for us to estimate shipping costs. Note that any country is welcome to apply – last time we sent items to several countries.
  2. Please tell us why you should be selected to receive some of our products for free. This is the place to let us know why we should pick you. Let us know anything you think that might be relevant.
  3. What have you tried so far to improve your situation?
  4. Please provide any further relevant information about your home, health and your environment, such as nearby sources of electromagnetic pollution or stressors. This is to help us choose the appropriate products for your situation.
  5. Any further relevant information you wish to provide.

All information provided will be treated with care and only shared with our donor and Marius D’Alexandre for the purpose of deciding on the winners and what to send you. We will be selecting a few people who we feel are most in need. We will select the items based upon the information you give us in the application.

Just send an email to answering the questions above by Sunday 20th February.

Please help us to share this giveaway and/or our website/products with anyone you know that might be interested, whether you decide to apply or not. It would be much appreciated.

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