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Our popular Electricity Harmoniser was designed to provide home protection on many levels, not just against EMF.  Below is an extract from the Electricity Harmoniser product description:

In the current global circumstances, many people are suffering from high levels of stress, anxiety and depression. They are often unaware that these symptoms can be caused by external sources of electromagnetic and scalar frequency transmissions intended to produce this effect. Where this is the case, you will find that within minutes of attaching the Electricity Harmoniser all such symptoms cease, to be replaced by a sense of tranquility and balance. We may add that noxious frequencies can also be transmitted to target populations by running specific “dirty electricity” transient harmonics through the mains electricity supply. The detrimental effects of such transients would be neutralised to a considerable degree when the Electricity Harmoniser is in operation.

We have recently come across a video which supports the above assertion made by Marius D’Alexandre that households can be targeted (for mind control or EMF induced sickness) via the mains wiring. The video is provided below (source):

Our Electricity Harmoniser starts from just £39 and is available for worldwide shipping like all of our products. Below you will find some of the experiences our customers have had with this device.The Electricity Harmoniser is also available as part of our more complete Protection Package.

I am very grateful for this excellent product! Such an improvement! I live within a block of some major towers and was amazed to feel the difference. My sleep has also improved markedly. I don't know whether to credit the products here or not, but even my blood pressure went down and got back in range! Thank you for helping me with these very effective products. Keep up the good work!

Michael MehrThank you for this Godsend of a product!

It was mind-blowing the first time I held the electricity Harmoniser in my hand! The strong energy that radiated from it was unbelievable. The overall energy in my home has quieted down and not only do I feel more peaceful but I can sleep better.


When I started to use the electricity harmoniser I got nearly the same feeling I have when ground myself by walking barefoot on grass or beach sand - it brought a sensation of energy recharging, tranquility, and balance in my mind, body and soul.
After a week of using it, I felt like a burden fell from my shoulders which I believe was a subconscious mix of worries and doubts. Out of a sudden, I started to ‘download’ positive thoughts, ideas and good expectations about my future, following a strong desire to do things that bring me joy and make me happy, as if my energy changed its vibration and started resonating at a higher frequency.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how a small electricity harmoniser can make such a difference in a short period of time. Thank you very much for this wonderful product!


As anticipated I felt a little "spacey" upon first unwrapping this treasure but acclimated to it perhaps more quickly than others or even to my own expectations. The main thing I notice is I am drinking and eating a lot better and definitely get many fewer headaches (as long as I remember to stay off the caffeine). It has only been a few weeks and I received this package very soon after moving to a brand new home so there is still a lot of adjustment for me to do. Highly recommend getting it for a new home and or a thoroughly cleansed/reorganized home to bring in literally good vibes!

Etsy Customer

This product is a game changer!
Almost instant good vibes. And now as the days go on there is a clean calm energy to the air. Love it 💓

Zoe Hotson

The first time I tried this product I immediately felt relaxed, at ease, like it was impossible to worry or have any negative thoughts. The day after, while doing my morning meditation I felt a deep and empowering connection with my higher self. It was like pure wisdom and guidance flowing through me, like I suddenly knew all the answers to my questions! I have it on every day and the house feels more harmonised and peaceful, I just love it!


When I first attached this Electricity Block, the first thing I noticed was having crystal clear head. I used to do something, and think about other 30 things at the same time. All unnecessary thoughts were gone this time. Only concentrating on one thing at a time, being present. I felt huge relief, because I was just being and not thinking constantly. It's like being on holiday when all the day to day stresses and worries disappear.
Little later I started noticing my surroundings and felt extreme sense of peace, calm, tranquillity and wellbeing all around.
I had been suffering from muscle tension in my back and lower back for the last 10 years. I was shocked when I woke up middle of the night (after having this block on for 24 hours) and felt my muscles relaxing, easing and calming down. I could've skipped and danced if I wanted to, feeling extreme physical wellness. I am blown away!
I took the block off for couple of days just to make sure I am not dreaming. Everything started getting to the old ways slowly. After re-attaching this, I am sure of its qualities. I am never taking this off ever again!
Thank you for making such a product that allows me to function in a natural way in this busy world. I feel blessed. It is something that works with mind and body at the same time.


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