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Protect Yourself and Harmonise Your Environment with “Astro-Orgonite”



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Get insights and guidance when you need it the most

The ancient art of horary astrology was once only available for kings.

This art can be used to give incredible insights and guidance when you need it the most.

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Unique products to harmonise and protect yourself, your environment and the planet

Maximise your chance of success by acting with the perfect timing

When you choose to act can have a huge impact on the likelihood of success.

After years of testing in the financial markets, I can help you to maximise the success of your actions with perfect timing.

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Hi, I’m Michael, founder of Question Of Timing.

I discovered the power of cycles and ancient knowledge through trading the financial markets.

After years of research, I now use this knowledge at Question of Timing to help others to reach their highest potential.

My background in science and engineering, combined with the careful testing of many of these ancient techniques make my services in this field unique.

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