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In 2020, we are living in a sea of electromagnetic frequencies and fields (EMF). From mobile phones to Wi-Fi, “smart” homes, Bluetooth, I could go on – they are a part of all of our lives, both in our homes and when we go outside. While EMFs have always been present, the current level and range of exposure is unprecedented and the effects are showing.

We are told that this is harmless, however there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. If you have not already personally experienced the effects, you can find here a document prepared by a professor of biochemistry that contains over 50 pages of different scientific studies showing that these fields are in fact extremely harmful.

The effects of these harmful EMFs are not only physical. They are also mental and spiritual. Certain frequencies are present which hinder or block our ability to connect with higher parts of our consciousness, which is especially important at this time.  I recommend this book for those interested in knowing more details.

These frequencies are also being increased significantly at this moment. It has never been more important to know how to protect ourselves.

So what can we do?

In this article I will be sharing seven simple devices that have proven to be very effective at protecting ourselves from the effects of EMF. All of these have been extensively tested and proven to be effective in different ways. At the end of the article, I will also link to some further resources and techniques that can be used.

Let’s start with the home, where we spend most of our time.

1 – Crystal Resonator Electricity Block

Despite its modest appearance, the Crystal Resonator Electricity Block is one of our most powerful and important devices for home protection and harmonisation.

When attached to the main cable of your central fusebox, the harmonious wave emissions of this 21 crystal resonator are carried by the current throughout the household wiring. These wave emissions therefore not only saturate the entire property, but also act in the manner of a subtle energy Faraday Cage to block the ingress of noxious radiations from outside.

There are many EMF devices on the market designed to protect residents from such radiations and they are often rather expensive. Having tested many of these, we have not found any which act with the potency of the Resonator Electricity Block (including those which are intended to plug into and thereby modify the energetic properties of the household wiring).

Just £36!

Read more about the Crystal Resonator Electricity Block

2 – Shungite and the Crystal Resonator Shungite Amplifier

Shungite is a crystal which has been widely researched and employed as a means to mitigate the harmful biological effects of EMFs. It has an ability to transmute certain wave qualities of detrimental man-made transmissions, whilst providing a stabilising effect on the body’s subtle energy systems and a more efficient grounding circuit through the foot chakras. Although less well understood by many proponents, it also blocks one of the carrier waves by which modern technology is often used to convey negative programming into the mind, emotions and cellular structures.

When mounted on a Crystal Resonator Amplifier base (containing a special matrix of 13 crystals), the effects of the shungite are enhanced, as is its range of effect.

It is particularly suitable for those who may feel that their household is exposed to (or targeted by) various EMF radiations which affect the health or general quality of life. By placing the Shungite Amplifier near the bed, for example, one can ensure a more restful night’s sleep within an energy field of protection and transmutation. In some locations, sensitive individuals may notice that 5G or other emissions are periodically ramped up to affect the local population. It is therefore useful to have additional layers of protection which can be deployed.  The Shungite Amplifier is designed to offer a rapid solution in these circumstances.

Shungite from just £30

3 – Harmonisation Stickers

Harmonisation Stickers invert and transmute certain noxious subtle waves emitted by modern technologies such as mobile phones, smart meters, wi-fi routers, computers etc. They also block the specific carrier wave which is sometimes transmitted through such devices in order to deliver frequency patterns which control and negatively affect the mind and emotions.

Although there are multiple causes for symptoms of electrostress and electrosensitivity, for some individuals these intentionally transmitted frequencies are a significant factor and therefore relief can be obtained when the energetic information is modified by these stickers. In any event, the physical and subtle anatomy can most easily heal and function normally when exposure to these detrimental waves is minimised.

Starting from just £12!

Learn more

4 – Atlantis Crystal Harmonisers

Our range of Atlantis Crystal Harmonisers combine a powerful form of orgonite with the Atlantis symbol. Read more about the Atlantis symbol here.

These items can:

  • Neutralise geopathic stress emanating from underground water veins, rock fissures, radioactive deposits, and Hartmann, Currie or Benker grid lines and intersections;
  • Transmute EMFs from phone towers, 5G antennas, smart meters and LED street lights;
  • Block the mind control technology being used on the masses;
  • Repel psychic attacks and negative entities;
  • Promote emotional harmony.

Starting from just £48.

View the entire range, with different crystal mixes to produce slightly different results HERE.

5 – Protection Resonators

A cheaper version of the above, but without the powerful Atlantis symbol. Protection Resonators are useful for placing in each corner of your home to protect your property from various issues.

Just £24.

Learn more.

6 – Somavedic

Somavedic is based on controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones.

Depending on your budget, you can choose between different models with more functions including restructuring of your drinking water.

Information can be found on their US site:

If budget allows, I recommend the Amber model, if not, the Green Medic Ultra/Uran is still a powerful ally. The lower budget options do not have the water charging function, but are still useful. With the current ramping up of frequencies, I would suggest going for the higher models if possible.

Somavedic offer a 60 day money-back guarantee, which apparently barely any one uses since the effects are so clear and significant. The links above are affiliate links – I will get a small commission if you choose to purchase a Somavedic from this website. But I only recommend it due to it’s power and effectiveness. I personally own and love my Somavedic Amber and recommend that consider these products whether you use my link or not to purchase.

In addition to the above products, to minimise any exposure in our homes, it is important to use wired internet connections (a cable costs a couple of pounds and also gives you better speeds and reliability – don’t forget to then turn off the WiFi connectivity of the router). We should also avoid using any “smart” devices, especially smart meters.

Typically, we are most exposed to EMF when we leave the house. The following devices will address how to protect ourselves in these situations.

7 – Crystal Resonator Protection Pendant

The Crystal Resonator Protection Pendant contains a precise amplified matrix of 12 crystals. It generates a defensive cocoon of high frequency beneficial waves around the physical and subtle energetic anatomy, together with a stable grounding flow through the foot chakras into the Earth.

It is designed to protect against the deleterious effects of: various EMF and scalar mind control transmissions, negative spiritual entities, and even aggressive, low consciousness humans who are liable to create increasing levels of stress and interference for those who are “awake” during these chaotic times. The pendant supports the integrity and harmony of mind, body and spirit and, by doing so, assists to align the personal probability vector with the path of ascension.

Finally, there are some steps we can take personally to reduce our exposure. This article details my experience with completely giving up my mobile phone. At a minimum, we should dramatically reduce the use of these devices, put them on airplane mode when not in use and use air-tube headphones to reduce exposure to our brain. More details are in my article about quitting my phone here.

The energetic technique shared in this article is also helpful for protection from EMF as well as other negative influences.

I highly recommend the following books for those wanting to know more about this and other related topics:

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg

Not Dark Yet by Marius D’Alexandre

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