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Our Orgonite Pendants are one of our most powerful and important items. But what makes them different from other leading orgonite producers? How should you choose the perfect pendant for you?

The majority of the following applies to ALL of our products, but some points are especially important for pendants, since they are worn close to our bodies for extended periods of time.

Not sure what orgonite is? Read our introduction here.

What Makes Our Orgonite Pendants Unique and So Powerful?

The products we make at Question of Timing are quite different to other leading orgonite producers. Designed in collaboration with metaphysics and esoteric science author Marius D’Alexandre, our items are the result of many years research into the properties of subtle waves and other little-understood sciences. This is what makes them unique:

1. Our orgonite pendants do not use aluminium.

Aluminium is a very popular ingredient for all major orgonite producers because it is cheap and light. This reduces costs and also the weight of the finished item, so it is very commonly used in orgonite pendants and all other pieces. However, we avoid aluminium completely – you will not find it in any of our products.

Why? Aluminium is biotoxic.

Taking aluminum into the body can cause a lot of problems, particularly in the brain. The argument made by other orgonite producers is that the aluminium is fully encased in the resin matrix, so no piece of aluminium will be in contact with your skin or be taken into the body. However, what they do not understand is that the subtle waves emitted by this metal will penetrate the resin matrix and interact with your body. The waves emitted by aluminium are toxic and supress the body’s auric field.

Instead we have chosen to work with metals whose subtle waves are beneficial for the body and result in a strengthened auric field. We use a mix of 3-4 metals throughout our products, also selected for how they work together to produce an even more powerful result.

As soon as I put this pendant on I had smile on my face and I just wanted to smile. I forgot all my problems and I was enjoying things around me. I wasn't so overwhelmed and I was just in a good mood the whole day. I noticed if someone has a problem, I'm not affected like I used to be. Other people's situations no longer make me feel bad. When I'm outside and I listen to my music I feel present. I started to see this world in a positive way unlike before. I can't imagine my life without it. After few days of wearing the pendant I was looking in the mirror one day and saw my aura all around my body. I was pleasantly surprised.

Chiara, SlovakiaChakra Pendant

2. The selection of crystals.

While other orgonite producers choose crystals based on either the crystal literature (which is extremely unreliable, with sources often completely contradicting one another), their intuition, the colours or the feel of the crystals, we have a more scientific approach. We are able to directly measure the subtle waves emitted by each crystal and can therefore design a mix that works together to achieve the exact result we want. This is a development made over a long period of private research and we are not aware of any other orgonite producer or researcher able to do this.

The selection of crystals is a key component of our orgonite crystal resonator products. This allows our pendants to produce results that other famous producers cannot. We have had reports from several customers that have other orgonite pendants and have never worn them again after trying ours.

WOW! When I first put it on I felt extreme happiness within an hour. I just wanted to smile the whole time. I was carefree. And still am. I do not feel affected by other people's situations anymore. This is great for me, because I am a very sensitive person, so it is very nice not to take on someone else's worries. If someone happens to be a little mean, I just brush it off. I truly feel free. I love this pendant so much that I wear it all the time.

I did try other pendant, Harmonic Protector, before but it just wasn't for me, because I felt a bit closed. I feel completely the opposite with this Crystal Resonator no.2 Sometimes I sense something like a funnel going upwards. The best way to describe it I think is, I no longer radiate outwards. I now radiate upwards. There is just so much to this pendant! It truly has to be worn so one can experience its power.

Emilia, UKChakra Pendant

3. The activation and amplification of the crystals in the pendants

The third unique factor is a proprietary technique to activate and and amplify the waves emitted by the crystals. In their normal state, crystals let off very subtle waves that cannot be detected by mainstream scientific equipment, but can be felt by sensitive individuals. After applying our unique activation and amplification technologies, these waves become much more powerful and their effects are thus more potent. Again, this is not something achieved by any other orgonite producer that we are aware of.

This pendant is completely mind blowing! As always with these products, I feel the energy from them immediately but this has some very noticeable immediate effects also. Firstly, I feel more grounded and aligned when wearing it and visualisation / meditation flows easier. But something very powerful happened, whenever I’ve worn it out I noticed that no one would look at me or even in my direction ( the opposite has always happened where I believe I may have given off a ‘too open’ vibe before ).
When I emailed Michael and mentioned this, I described it as having an invisible cloak around me and he said that exactly what it’s meant to do! I feel so lucky to to know about this website and products 🙏🏻

Zoe, UKChakra Pendant

4. The timing and methods of our orgonite pendant production

The moment that an item is made has a direct impact on the subtle waves that it emits. Through our study of subtle waves and timing, we are able to use advanced methods of astrology (which go far beyond public traditional techniques) to calculate the timing of all production slots for maximum product power. While some other producers might take into account the weather or in rare cases the phase of the Moon when making orgonite, our methods go to another level and result in a measurable increase in power and effects.

We also have a unique production process which makes use of sound, intention and other proprietary methods to maximise the power of all of our products.

It's beautiful, so tactile, can't put it down, the only time I don't wear it is in bed, but then it is very close to me hung on the back of the bed, I know it's protecting me, I can feel it, I would be so lost without my pendant now. I even noticed that I can use my mobile without getting a hot face now. Thank you! <3

Juliet, IrelandProtection Pendant

5. Premium non-toxic resin

All of our products are made using non-toxic epoxy resin. This means that you won’t have the unpleasant (and poisonous) smell when opening our packages that you might get from those orgonite producers that use cheap polyester resins. Our pendants are made from the highest quality, premium art resin, which has been extensively tested and proven to not leach even in hot water and to be resistant to UV light. You can be confident wearing our pendants directly against the skin without any risk of irritation or even out all day in the full sun.

Which Orgonite Pendant is Right for You?

We currently offer three orgonite pendants, the Protection Pendant, Chakra Pendant and Shaman Special. All offer strong protective and grounding functions, while the Chakra Pendant also hamonises the body’s bio-energetic system of chakras, meridians and nadial channels and the Shaman Special activates the higher chakras for development of higher sense abilities.

Watch this space for part two of this article where we will dig deeper into how to choose the perfect pendant for you.

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